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Ergonomic & Hands-Free Flower Pruner

You're going to love the clever design of our Ergonomic "Hands-Free" Flower Pruners. Even as a basic set of pruners they excel, with comfortable rubberized grips and an ergonomic palm handle that will let you work longer with less hand fatigue. But the real standout feature is the little loop that fits snugly over your finger and keeps the pruner securely (and comfortably) attached to you even when you are hands-deep in tangled stalks and branches. The loop also makes it possible to sling the pruners around behind your hand, keeping them temporarily out of the way as you work, until you need them once again. The sharp metal blades cut beautifully via the very responsive single spring action, and lock safely closed when you're done for the day.


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  • Flower Pruner - Ergonomic & Hands-Free


    Ergonomic & Hands-Free Flower Pruner

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