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Everyday Complete Pruning Set

A matched set of five types of pruners that cover all of your day in and day out pruning tasks. For smaller pruning, branches, or flowers, we include three Hand Pruning Shears. The handles are nicely shaped, cast aluminum with rubber grips. Each has a spring-loaded snap catch. Overall length about 8". The Anvil Pruner is the best choice is for dry stalks and dead wood. The Bypass Pruner is best for green material, and the Flower Cutter, with its 2½" long cutters, is perfect for flowers or harvesting.

For larger limbs or small trees, our 24" long Forged-Steel Bypass Loppers are perfect. They won’t flex when cutting branches up to 1½".

For serious pruning, we include our Japanese tooth-pattern folding saw. The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16"– so this is a high-speed cutting tool. The rubber covered handle is all steel and the pivot is robust.

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  • Everyday Complete Pruning Set


    Everyday Complete Pruning Set

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