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Giant 6 Liter Bird Feeder

Holds 2-3X the amount of food of other feeders

Keep your feathered friends well-fed this winter with our Giant Bird Feeder. Pour any store-bought mixture of seeds, nuts, and berries in, or make your own custom blend, depending on the species you hope to attract. With a whopping 6-liter capacity (just over 1.5 gallons) you can fill this cylinder up with several days’ worth of birdseed. Pole mounted, with a surrounding round metal perch that’s sized small enough to deter larger birds from getting a good grip, it’s tough enough to withstand the harsh winters, and the overall look will fit naturally with almost any setting, from urban to rural. (Tip: If, like us, you live in a rural or semi-rural environment with the occasional backyard bear, don’t put your feeder out until they’ve gone into hibernation--typically early December. They’re very good at seeking ways to fatten up before their winter naps.) Dimensions: 16” H x 9” W

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  • Giant 6 Liter Bird Feeder


    Giant 6 Liter Bird Feeder


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