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H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise

a beautifully made, affordable professional tool

This writer is a life-long woodworker with lots of experience with woodworking vises. But he has always dreamed of a large mechanic’s vise – because they are exceptionally useful, but sadly a high quality affordable one has been elusive. Not any more. Here it is.

The body is overall 18" long, sits 9" high and rotates 360˚ on its swivel base. Jaw width is 5" and maximum clamping capacity is 7-1/4". Weight 39 lbs. The jaws have 2 grooves for holding thin round stock and large under-slung pipe jaws for large round stock. Turning the small lower handle 90˚ unlocks the jaws and gives you an instant quick release feature, making the vise easy to work rapidly. We think it’s as nice a mechanic’s vise we have seen in many years and it’s exceptionally affordable. Highly recommended.

Because of very heavy weight, an additional Ground Shipping Surcharge applies - see details below. Air shipping is not available.


18B02.01 H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise

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  • H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise

    18B02.01  - Available 09/22/2023

    H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise

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