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Half-Timber Birdhouse & Bird Feeder

Take care of your birds year-round with this clever bird structure that changes with the seasons. A birdhouse in the spring and summer, and a feeder in the late autumn and winter. The operation is very intuitive: slide the locking pin out to remove the roof, and unblock the little round window. As the weather turns cold, reverse the process; clean the interior thoroughly, extend the perching rods, draw the latch across the window, fill with food and replace the roof. Brightly patterned in a Tudor-style half-timber design, it looks great in any setting. Hardware and wall bracket are included to mount on most walls, trees, or poles (pole not included). Measures 7 9/16” L x 7 1/16” W x 9 ⅝” H.


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  • Half-Timber Birdhouse & Bird Feeder


    Half-Timber Birdhouse & Bird Feeder

    $89.00 $49.98

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