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Hand-Forged Iron "Chamberstick"

light your way in classic style

The candle holder, or chamberstick, was meant to light the way to your bedroom in the days before electricity. It was also frequently used for some late-night reading before slumber takes hold. Placed on a side table or held aloft in the night, like a scene out of a Dickens novel, this hand-forged iron chamberstick is practical and attractive. Learn more about the vintage-inspired design at Garrett Wade today.

Candle Holder Specifications

Measuring 4” in diameter at its base and with a nicely angled handle, this candle holder can accommodate a 1” diameter candle. From power outages to romantic evenings with a date, this chamberstick is perfectly suited for creating a more natural, inspiring kind of light.

If you’re looking for the right candle for this holder, Garrett Wade offers two types of American-made beeswax candles for you. Both the short or long options for these candles are smokeless and dripless. They have self-trimming wicks and are compatible with this candle holder. 

Looking for a candle holder for every part of your home? Buy multiples and save!

Individual Items

  • Hand Forged Candle holder

    89A05.16  - Available 09/22/2023

    Hand-Forged Iron "Chamberstick"

Subtotal: $14.50

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