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Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper

Superb for heavy work

These Anvil Pruning Loppers use a special double ratcheting mechanism, oversized for strength, and equipped with a coated blade. To this they add telescoping handles (26 to 40" long with 6 pin-locked position stops and rubber grips). Cutting jaw capacity is 2 to 2-1/2". If you are looking for a lifetime arborist's quality tool, look no further.

Our Ratcheting Anvil Pruning Loppers give you a ton of cutting power and plenty of reach. We cannot recommend these enough for heavy work: they are superb. The Anvil Lopper is designed for cutting dry wood.

Also available is a replacement blade and a set of both the Anvil & Bypass Loppers.

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  • Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper


    Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper

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