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High Leverage, High Power, 31” Bypass Lopper

Our Italian made bypass lopper yields incredible results making clean, efficient cuts every time. This durable aluminum handled tool is light to carry but built to withstand extreme tension, which makes it perfect for landscapers tackling tough tree branches. The 31” bypass lopper quickly reaches inner branches making long bouts of overhead pruning more manageable. The hot forged, oval-shaped blade and counter blade are made of a high percentage of carbon steel to hold an extremelysharp edge and can easily cut 1.5” branches. The cushioned handles are slightly tapered for a comfortable no-slip grip even in the rain. The aluminum surface of the lopper is anodized to resist corrosion and ensure the long life of your new favorite pruning tool. 

Materials: Carbon Steel, Aluminum

Dimensions: 31" x 11.5" 1.5", 2.3 lbs.

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  • High Leverage, High Power, 31” Bypass Lopper


    High Leverage, High Power, 31” Bypass Lopper

Subtotal: $139.00
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