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Replacement Blades, HD Bypass Lopper

Ratcheting Pruning Loppers

These pruning loppers are designed with an over-sized ratcheting mechanism to let you put more power into every cut for branches up to 2” thick. The telescoping handles of our extendable loppers go from 26” to a full 40” with 6 pin stops and rubber grips.

When the job needs to get done, make sure you have tools that are up to it. We’re proud to bring you equipment that works as hard as you do. Be sure to check out our video to see these pruning loppers in action and pick up your multi-purpose oil for proper maintenance. The extra length not only lets you reach higher but acts as a lever for additional power. Maintenance is easy. Just clean after each use and oil the pins on the ratcheting loppers occasionally to aid their movement.

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Professional-Quality Tools

We’ve looked at a lot of pruning loppers over the years, and most just don’t make the grade. That’s why we have these ratcheting loppers custom made for our customers. Designed to give you a longer reach, these extendable loppers also let you put plenty of power behind the cut to get your pruning done quickly and efficiently.

Individual Items

  • Replacement Blades, HD Bypass Lopper


    Replacement Blades, HD Bypass Lopper

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