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High Quality Ornate Steel Douk Douk Knife

An all-purpose folding knife can really get the job done. This 6.34” Carbon Steel Douk Douk knife is both compact and strong. Made in France, it is stamped with “Douk Douk” and has ornate etchings along the blade. The stainless-steel handle depicts the Melanesian spirit, which the knife is named after, believed to be of good luck. These knives have been used for over 70 years and are the perfect utility knife for any hunter or fisherman. This minimalist folding knife has a non-locking slip joint and a robust back spring to keep the knife open when you need it available. The handle has a convenient steel loop for tying it to a cord. The stainless-steel knife has two brass rivet to add a touch of color.

Materials: High carbon steel

Dimensions: Overall length: 6.34″, Blade length: 2.87″, Folded length: 3.39″, Blade thickness: 0.1”,1.34 oz, Non-locking slip joint.



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  • High Quality Ornate Steel Douk Douk Knife


    High Quality Ornate Steel Douk Douk Knife

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

From the heart of Thiers, France, since 1929, the M.C. Cognet firm continues to forge Douk-Douk knives with unparalleled skill and a legacy of quality. Each Douk-Douk knife carries the legacy of M.C. Cognet's impeccable craftsmanship, a tradition rooted in the heart of Thiers, France since 1929, where history blends with innovation. See how a dedicated family crafts each of our Douk Douk knives are made:


Preparing the Blade

Engraving the Blade

Flattening the Blade

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