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Italian Felling Axe

There’s a romance to the “old ways,” when people could live by their wits using only what the land provided and a few sharp tools. But that way of life is still possible—and the tools have never been better. This Felling Axe is a big-hitter, designed to cut deep and true across the grain of even the largest trees. The Italian handle style is straighter than most, more power to the head with each swing and producing incredibly powerful blows. The oval ash handle measures 35” and fits perfectly in the hand; the slight flare at the business end creates a self-tightening head that secures itself anew with each swing. (Any looseness in the head—which is normal due to use and seasonal wood movement—can be corrected with a firm mallet-tap or two to the top of the handle itself, just above the axe head.) The 2.75 lb. steel head is powder-coated to resist the elements and measures 8 ¾” long with a 4 ¼” striking face. Made in Italy.

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  • Italian Felling Axe


    Italian Felling Axe

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

This Italian company relies on skilled artisans and technicians, who follow the utmost attention to detail with every single step of the production process. The operations are carried out using the latest technological advancement, to ensure their tools are the very best offering on the market. 


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