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Italian-Made Hand Mixer - Red


Here at Garrett Wade, we admittedly have a sentimental streak. So, for simple mixing tasks like beating eggs, or making whipped cream from scratch, we believe it’s easier to pull a simple small hand-mixer like this out of the drawer. That way, you can start right in, without searching for attachments or finding an outlet. Because of its small stature and simplicity, this handy Italian-made mechanical hand mixer is also highly portable. You can bring it camping or take it along to a relative’s house to help with holiday meals. Fully mechanical, hand-cranked stainless steel beaters, with stiff polymer handles. Made in Italy by a company that has been producing great kitchen implements for over 100 years.  Can be washed in a dishwasher, on the gentle cycle, with a max. temperature of 122 degrees.

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  • Italian-Made Hand Mixer - Red

    39A03.09  - Available 06/06/2022

    Italian-Made Hand Mixer - Red

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