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Italian-Made Wide-Area Sprinkler with Metal Sled

The mechanics of our impact sprinkler ensure minimal water waste, as it precisely and efficiently delivers an adjustable spraying radius from 45 degrees to a full 360-degree circle of water dispersal. The throwing distance is also adjustable up to a maximum of 14.5 meters (47½'). This generous coverage means it needs to be moved less frequently; wherever you do set it, the whole assembly rests on a very stable ⅛" thick powder coated, two-prong steel sled that moves easily to set up in each location. The fact that it looks great doesn’t hurt either. Made in Italy.

Quick connect and hose are sold separately and are available for purchase here.

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  • Italian-Made Wide-Area Sprinkler with Metal Sled


    Italian-Made Wide-Area Sprinkler with Metal Sled

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