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Walnut-Handled Japanese-Style Cooking Knives Set

three gorgeous and hard-working kitchen blades

Inspired by Japanese knife design, these blades are crafted in Turkey by a multi-generational family business that has a long and proud history of knife forging. The set includes three Japanese-style kitchen knives and a cleaver with lovely rounded walnut handles, stainless-steel blades, and round steel collar bolsters. Discover how adding the Deba, Nikiri, Santoku, and Cleaver (sold separately) to your kitchen gear can transform the way you prep and cook!

Japanese Kitchen Knives Specifications

The Deba is similar to a Western-style, workhorse Chef’s knife. It has a 5-¾” blade.

The Nikiri is used for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables, and with it’s clipped point, it looks like a cleaver with a shallower belly. Its blade measures 6-½”.

The Santoku’s 6-¼” blade is a good all-around choice for multiple chopping and slicing tasks. It is similar to a Chef’s knife, but the sheep’s foot blade profile produces less of a rocking motion.

If you’re interested in these Japanese kitchen knives or any of our other knife options, explore our variety of vintage kitchen knives and outdoor knives today!

Individual Items

  • Walnut-Handled Japanese-Style Cooking Knives Set


    Walnut-Handled Japanese-Style Cooking Knives Set

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