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Extendable Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner

Quickly Extends from 4 to 8 feet

Best Use: 

The heavy-duty Anvil Lopper, with a 2" cutting capacity, is great for cutting all types of wood, but excels at cutting hard dry wood. The secret is that using the 20X mechanical advantage pulley and gear combination, the blade rises vertically to cut, instead of pivoting - thus avoiding any twisting.

This Extra Heavy-Duty tool also includes a 14" high-carbon 6tpi stainless steel Japanese style saw blade that easily and securely attaches to the end of the pole with a quick connector. No need to fiddle with screws.

The saw extends from 4 to 8 ft in length, using an exclusive, easy to change, snap-lock (not common twist-lock) system. This tool surpasses all others that we have seen in construction and thoughtful design. Make short work of hard-to-reach tree-trimming jobs with our Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw.

Product Details: This is an exceptionally versatile tool you’ll find you reach for all the time. It’s both an extendable lopper and a high-quality pruning saw. Within moments you can change between either function. Unlike other multi-function tools, both the saw and the pruner are top notch.

Replacement parts are available for the pole saw and pruner.



11G13.03 Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

Individual Items

  • Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner


    Extendable Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner

    $154.90 $99.95

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