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Koala Indoor Faucet Adapter

Not everybody has access to an outdoor faucet, but the Italian-made Koala is the next best thing for anyone who wants to garden, wash the car, or just let the kids cool off on a sweltering summer day.  Easy to install, the Koala attaches to any straight-neck faucet no wider or deeper than 1 ¼”—think your average bathroom sink—and will connect a 5/8” garden hose to supply water anywhere you need it.  A rubber seal clamps down tight on the faucet to prevent leakage or spraying, and the convenient quick-click mechanism means fast and easy hose removal when you need to use the sink again. Need to fill a waterbed or aquarium?  Connect a portable washing machine?  Done and done.  At 5 ½” long it’s easy to hide away in a drawer until it’s needed. Performs with water temperatures ranging from 32°F to 120°F.  If we’d had access to one of these in our apartment-dwelling days, there would have been no stopping us.

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  • Koala Indoor Faucet Adapter


    Koala Indoor Faucet Adapter

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