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Netherton Long-Handled Spun Iron Wok

The high, rounded sides of a cooking wok create different heating zones, from intense conduction at the bottom to flame singing at the top. Our Long-Handled Spun Iron Wok utilizes the thinner metal that is essential to wok cooking, but instead of the traditional rounded bottom this flat bottom wok can be used on flat cooking surfaces such as an electric or induction stove.

The 7 ¾” long wooden handle is designed for classic one-handed stir-frying action and has a hole for a strap or hook. Spun iron is formed by spinning a disc of hot iron on a lathe. The result is generally half the weight of cast iron. It heats quickly, holds heat beautifully, and is nearly indestructible. Pre-seasoned with flax oil, it will season further the more you use it, eventually developing a virtually non-stick surface. Made in Shropshire, England. Measures 13 ½” Diameter x 3 ¼” Deep.

If you're looking for a traditional, round bottom wok click here. Also available is a matching spun iron lid for our Netherton woks and prospector pan.

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  • Netherton Long-Handled Spun Iron Wok


    Netherton Long-Handled Spun Iron Wok

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

We recently partnered with the Netherton Foundry to produce a select assortment of cookware exclusively for us here at Garrett Wade.

Black spun iron, one of the best cookware materials today, is an alternative to cast iron, which has historically been used in cookware. Spun iron is created by spinning discs of iron on lathes and then forming them over molds. It is superior to cast iron in one major way: It is a lot lighter than cast iron, usually 50% of the weight. You will no doubt appreciate this when you’re moving your rustic black iron cookware from your stove or oven to a countertop or tabletop.

Take a peek behind the scenes of this amazing process...


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