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Magnetic Bamboo Countertop Knife Holder

Knife blocks are convenient, but those deep, impossible-to-clean slots can easily become bacterial breeding grounds. We think we’ve come up with a functional, attractive (and sanitary) alternative.  Our new French made Countertop Knife Holder features a heavy (just shy of 7 lbs.), industrially varnished stainless-steel base, so it’s as sturdy—its low center of gravity means there’s virtually no chance of it tipping over during use.  Your knives are held securely in place by columns of magnets.  And since the magnets are encased under the bamboo face, your edges are safe from dings and micro-imperfections that can be caused by exposed metal racks.  The two bamboo faces measure 8 1/5” tall x 7 ½” and are riveted to a thin, rust-resistant stainless-steel plate.  The entire unit is approximately 11” tall x 7 ¾” x 4 5/8”.  Also, a nice alternative holder for chisels, sewing scissors, or any other tools you want to protect and keep at the ready.

Knives can be held securely on both sides of the holder. It will easily hold 5 large chef's knives, or more if they are smaller. Made in France.

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  • Magnetic Bamboo Countertop Knife Holder


    Magnetic Bamboo Countertop Knife Holder

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