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Four Piece Stunning Kitchen Knife Set in Olivewood


These gorgeous Kitchen Knife sets are made for us in Thiers France, one of the world’s pre-eminent cutlery centers. Available with either Olivewood (shown) or Walnut handles. Feature razor-sharp, forged, full tang stainless steel blades, and three solid brass pins to secure the handle.

The knife's razor-sharp blades are designed to stay that way. The long-lasting sharp edge comes from us using a unique stainless steel formula called 4116N. It's made in France using a proprietary mix of Nitrogen. This special corrosion-resistant steel means the blades retain their edge and stay sharp but are still easy to resharpen when needed. As a final step, each blade gets individually sharpened by hand on felt wheels to give the blades their polished, sharp cutting edge.

The set of four includes the following pieces: The perfect 8” Chef's Knife with the traditional blade profile. This classic chef’s knife is a versatile must-have for every professional chef and home cook. 7” Scalloped Santoku Knife, another traditional, versatile blade profile of Japanese origin. A Serrated Kitchen Knife with a 4-3/4"" blade. An all-purpose classic knife for all your chopping, slicing, and paring tasks. A beautifully shaped paring knife with a 4” blade perfectly sized for paring and all-around kitchen tasks. The set includes four knives with elegant Olivewood handles.

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  • Olivewood Knife Set of 4


    Four Piece Stunning Kitchen Knife Set in Olivewood

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