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Naval-Style Brass Oil Lamp


Looking for a sturdy lamp that provides ample lighting wherever you go? Choose the Naval-Style Brass Oil Lamp from Garrett Wade to fulfill your lighting needs. This lamp will never tip over because the rounded, weighted bottom keeps it true vertical — even during the wild pitching of a ship in a storm.

Brass Oil Lamp Specifications

Our brass oil lamp is made of copper and brass and weighted at the bottom for extra stability. It measures 3 ¼” wide x 4 ¾” tall and has a glass bulb with an adjustable wick. Use it with standard lamp oil to emit a clean, white light.

When a flashlight just doesn’t cut it, an antique-style lamp is sure to receive compliments and add a unique touch of class to any room. Find yours at Garrett Wade today!

If you are looking for wicks, see this page!

Individual Items

  • Naval-Style Lamp

    81A02.01  - Available 06/18/2023

    Naval-Style Brass Oil Lamp

Subtotal: $44.00

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