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Olivewood Paring Knife with Built-in Peeler

This is such a clever device. We’re surprised it’s not more common- a paring knife and peeler all in one. Expertly designed, with a ½ tang steel blade and an Olivewood handle with 2 rivets, it cuts, trims, chops and slices as well as any paring knife, and when there’s peeling to be done, a slight shift in your grip makes quick work of the task. Save yourself some time switching between tools. Since the peeler is integrated into the knife blade there’s no fiddly mechanism to weaken or break. It is extremely comfortable to use. Measures 7” long overall, with a 3” blade. The peeler is 1 ¼” L, ample for most of the common peeling tasks such as carrots, celery, and all kinds of fruits. We love this one, and it would also make a great gift for any cook you know.  Made in France. 


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  • Olivewood Paring Knife with Built-in Peeler


    Olivewood Paring Knife with Built-in Peeler

    $26.00 $19.98

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