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Play Water Gun

Fun Plunger Water Pistol Shoots 30 Feet

We discovered this quirky toy in Germany and have been waiting for the right time to bring it to you.  Eye-catching to say the least, it couldn’t be simpler: a refillable and removable plastic syringe with a bright blue plunger that slides snugly into a beechwood grip, allowing you to shoot water up to 30 feet away, depending on the force of your thumb against the plunger.  It’s easy to imagine the “aha” moment that inspired the design when someone discovered how well a plastic plunger works as a squirt gun.  Made in Germany, it’s definitely a little silly, a lot of fun, and surprisingly well-crafted.  The handle is well-shaped and solid; the fit and action are natural and effective.  It really sends a jet of liquid a respectable distance.  Buy a few and have a water fight with your friends and family.  

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  • Play Water Gun


    Play Water Gun

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