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Powerful Jet Water Nozzle

Italy is renowned for its love of good design, and it’s handsome, highly functional Italian Made Jet Water Nozzle is no exception. Made with an anti-scratch coated aluminum body, brass quick connector, brass trigger lock, and Brass nozzle. It has a fully adjustable spray nozzle from cone to a powerful jet suitable for power washing your sidewalk or house. Very comfortable in the hand, it looks and works great, a real pleasure to use. The nozzle isn’t your typical water the garden nozzle, it has real power. It can handle a massive 8 bars of pressure (116 psi) Works with any standard quick connectors, sold separately (62K13.30). Made in Italy.

Individual Items

  • Powerful Jet Water Nozzle

    38A04.07  - Available 03/05/2024

    Powerful Jet Water Nozzle


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