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Rain Sensor for Water Timer

For the ultimate in peace of mind.  Designed specifically to work with our Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer, this Rain Sensor can interrupt scheduled watering of your lawn in the event of natural precipitation to prevent damage caused by over-watering.  Once the internal sensor registers at least 2 oz. of precipitation, it will shut the timer down until the water evaporates completely.  The sensor should be installed clear of any vegetation or overhangs that might block rainfall, and obviously clear of any water from the sprinkler system.  Can be installed up to 6 feet away from the timer.  (Stainless steel mounting bracket included.)  The orange cover keeps leaves and debris from clogging the system and discourages wildlife from perching and producing … false positives?  We shudder.  Made in Italy, it’s a small expense that could save you big.

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  • Rain Sensor for Water Timer


    Rain Sensor for Water Timer

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