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Tabletop Knife Sharpener

With Coarse & Fine Bays

When you need a handy gadget to quickly and safely sharpen your kitchen knives to a fine edge, choose the tabletop knife sharpener at Garrett Wade. This tool is especially powerful for kitchen knives because it uses a two-step, coarse-and-fine, pull-through process that results in exceptionally fine blades. 

How to Use It

First, affix the bottom of the knife sharpener to any flat dry surface, like a kitchen table or countertop, using the clamp lever on top to suction the rubber cups on the bottom. For very dull knives, pull your knife through the steel “coarse” bay first. Then, to hone it to an even sharper edge, use the fine “ceramic” bay. 

Tabletop Knife Sharpener Details

The body of the sharpener is made of durable and lightweight plastic which makes it a good choice for the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. We love it for regularly “topping up” the edge on all your table cutlery, kitchen blades, and pocket knives. The small size makes it easy to leave it on the counter at all times or store it in a drawer so it’s always handy.   

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  • Tabletop Knife Sharpener


    Tabletop Knife Sharpener

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