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Seed Poppers

Though they’re less well-known stateside, “crackers”—perforated cardboard tubes filled with treats or small gifts—are a classic party favor in the United Kingdom, particularly around Christmastime.  Traditionally, one person holds each and pulls until … pop! the goodies come spilling out.  In this case, though, the goodies aren’t trivial little prizes that will soon be forgotten—they’re a literal garden party, a bundle of hand-selected seeds and recyclable kraft paper confetti!  The seeds are actually contained in four seed balls, made using clay, coconut husk and seeds that are certified non-GMO. (Detailed instructions for planting are also included inside your popper.)  Available in two varieties: You’re Wild (Flower) contains a wildflower seed blend of Coneflower, Lavender Hyssop, Black-Eyed Susan, Callistephus Duchesse, Mixed Aster, and Wild Bergamot.  Let (Inner) Peace Grow includes a wellness-focused blend of seeds comprising Sage, Lemon Balm, Echinacea, and Chamomile.

Individual Items

  • Seed Popper Wildflower

  • Seed Popper Wellness

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