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Self-Watering Round Planter

We love the design of this Round Self-Watering Planter in cool green from a terrific company in the Czech Republic. The technology is simple – water is placed into an outer vessel, and a set of included straps act as wicks to transfer water up to an inner plant container via soil moisture tension (whereby water naturally moves to fill the dryer area). Your plants get only as much water as they need. A perforated grid in the base of the outer container aids in aeration and allows room for root growth. Also included is an unobtrusive water level indicator that lets you know when it’s time to refill the outer container. Made with zero waste by a European company that is very committed to sustainability, it’s both environmentally conscious and looks stylish. Best of all, it just works. Instructions are included for easy setup, and maintenance is very easy as well. Measures 7½” wide overall, with a 6¼” diameter interior pot.

How these work & How to Set Up:

Self-watering planters are so cleverly engineered, so simple, and efficient, they can solve problems with you houseplants you didn’t even know you had. We’re thrilled to be launching this new line—we really do believe they’ll change the way you grow.

When we thought about why we wanted to bring these planters to market, our first thought was conservation. Since these planters store water in an interior reservoir, the plants’ roots are able to take up as much water as they need at any given time. Overwatering—a major cause of root rot and other common diseases—is a thing of the past. And as long as you remember to top off the reservoir (simple, thanks to the easy-to-read indicator tube), underwatering is out of the question too.

Of course, convenience is a huge perk of these planters. With daily watering no longer required, you’re free to leave for work without worries, or even take a vacation without asking a neighbor to take care of your plants while you’re away.

Finally, plants simply grow better, faster, and healthier when they have a steady, consistent supply of water. When the roots need water, they get it, and that lets them develop to their full potential.

The benefits should be clear, but what makes these ones special? For starters, they’re designed with zero waste by a European company that’s deeply dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility—as well as stylish looks and sleek, solid construction. And they just work. Once set up, they really couldn’t be simpler to use and enjoy.

Right now we’re offering two models of indoor planter—a smaller round version and a longer, rectangular window planter. Both work on the same principle: water is poured into the outer portion of the growing vessel, and an included set of straps, or wicks, transfer water from the reservoir to the inner container where the plant is growing. The drier the soil, the more water will move into the growing area, until perfect equilibrium is reached and the soil is exactly as damp as it needs to be. As the roots soak up more water, more water is added on demand, and it all works via simple physics. (Look up the concept of soil moisture tension if you want to dive deep into the science involved.)

Our European Made Self-Watering Round Planter measures 7½” wide overall with a 6¼” diameter interior pot and features a minimalist design we just love. Ideal for smaller indoor plants and herbs, they look great lined up in a row and bring lushness and bounty to any space in the home or office. The Czech-designed system is simple and works flawlessly: assemble the water-level indicator and attach it to the preexisting tube in the flowerpot insert. Remove the insert, wick, and all parts and thread the wick into the insert. Place the water level indicator tube into the grommet in the insert, then add your plants to the insert. Fill the insert with substrate—but no higher than the top of the tube for the water level indicator.

Now you’re ready to put the insert into the pot cover—rotate it slightly so the holes of the insert align with the protrusions on the pot cover. Press the flowerpot insert into the pot cover until it clicks into place, assemble the water level indicator, and insert it into the water level indicator tube.

Once it’s up and running, the Self-Watering Round Planter requires no special maintenance. If you need to clean it, you can wash all the parts in warm water with dish soap, rinse well, and let it dry. Once the indicator shows that the water level is getting low, simply top it off. (Time between fills will vary based on your plants, as well as your home’s humidity levels.)


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  • European Made Self-Watering Round Planter


    Self-Watering Round Planter

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