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Set of Three Japanese-Style Kitchen Knives + a Cleaver

four gorgeous and hard-working kitchen blades

Inspired by Japanese knife design, and crafted in Turkey by a multi-generational family business that has a long, proud history of knife forging. This Set of Three Kitchen Knives and a Cleaver feature lovely rounded walnut handles, stainless-steel blades, and round steel collar bolsters. The Japanese Deba is similar to a western style, workhorse Chef’s knife. 5¾” blade. The Nikiri is used for slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables and with it’s clipped point, it looks like a cleaver with a shallower belly. 6-½” blade. The Santoku a good all-around blade for multiple chopping and slicing tasks. Similar to a Chef’s knife, but the sheep’s foot blade profile produces less of a rocking motion. 6-¼” blade.The Cleaver (caption in the photo) works great as a meat chopper and slicer, cutting up fillets, and butchering poultry. Can also be used to chop vegetables. 8” Blade

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