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Singing Bird in a Bamboo Cage

A Spectacular Automata Model

Automata, like this bird in a bamboo cage toy, have their roots in ancient Greece, where early mathematicians and inventors used their knowledge to craft exquisite creations that moved with only the power of wind, water, or a mechanical spring. Today’s versions may be less rarefied but, like this finely crafted Singing Bird toy, lack none of their vintage charm. Add it to your other collectibles and enjoy the light chirping and tiny movements on your desk, mantelpiece, or kitchen table.

Bird in Cage Toy: Specifications & Pricing

Housed in a bamboo cage measuring 7-1/2” high and 4” in diameter, it’s an ideal gift for your favorite bird lover, or to bring some extra joy to a baby’s nursery. A simple winding mechanism is all that’s required to make the bird fidget and chirp on its perch – no batteries or electricity required.

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  • Singing Bird in a Bamboo Cage


    Singing Bird in a Bamboo Cage

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