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Snap Setter Kit

Add elegant details easily

Excellent for leather-work, denim, canvas, or any heavy synthetic fabric. When attaching straps and handles, or reinforcing seams and flaps, here are the special tools to do this work correctly - just like a pro. The Snap Set Kit includes the special Setting Jig and 25 5/8" sized Nickel Plated Steel Snaps (2 parts combine to form each half of the Snap). You'll need to punch the holes for their placement and our Revolving Hole Punch (link) is perfect for this - plus you need a medium sized hammer. It's easy. It's quick. It's very satisfying.

Additional boxes of 100 Snaps are available - either Nickel Plated Steel or Solid Brass. These all come from a supplier to industry which speaks volumes about the quality and durability.

Individual Items

  • Snap Setter Kit


    Snap Setter Kit

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