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Space-Saving Hose Reel Assembly

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Perfect for gardeners with limited storage space, this Hose Reel & Nozzle Kit is a space-saving wonder. Italian made, it comes with 49’ of braided, flexible hose with a 5’ lead line to affix to your tap. The gorgeous watering nozzle features 8-settings for a wealth of spray options, and the entire assembly is easy to carry with you from one part of your backyard to another as needed. When you’re finished just set everything aside for next time. Ideal for balconies and terraces or small-to-medium gardens. it also travels exceptionally well and is ideal for boating or packing up in a camper. And while it’s designed with portability in mind, it’s also fully wall-mountable for a more permanent storage solution. Includes a standard tap connector and 2 quick click hose connectors. Made in Italy.

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  • Space-Saving Hose Reel Assembly


    Space-Saving Hose Reel Assembly

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Maker

This Italian company combines technology and art, to create highly innovative and efficient tools. They are constantly searching for the best solutions, in order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date products. Through their knowledge and experience in thermoplastic molding, they can optimize production and guarantee top-level material and product quality. 


Their passion fuels them to continuously produce the best quality tools and products, so you can fully experience the beauty, peace and well-being in your garden.


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