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Stonebridge Brass Lantern Complete Set

This beautifully crafted Stonebridge lantern complete set is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy bushcraft and camping, as well as those looking to create an intimate place setting for an event or wedding venue. The lantern can be easily hung or carried, making it ideal for setting ambiance in event spaces, lighting up a campsite, or adding a cozy touch to indoor decorating. The early 20th-century design pays homage to the Stonebridge Lantern. Made of brass with mica windows for heat resistance, this lantern ensures a steady flame thanks to its vents and air intake design. The light alone weighs only 12 oz.

The fitted leather case, made in the USA, not only protects the lantern but also makes it a convenient travel or backpacking light. Three candles can be stored in the outer pockets, making it easy to have them close at hand. Light in weight and easy to fold and pack, this lantern is a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Get the set enjoy this authentic and reliable lantern for your next camping trip or outdoor excursion.

The full set includes:

The light alone weighs only 12 oz.

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  • Stonebridge Brass Lantern Complete Set


    Stonebridge Brass Lantern Complete Set

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