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Terracotta Birdbath On Metal Pole

We love to provide a spot for our local birds to gather, and this terracotta bird bath, made in France, makes a great avian splash pad. Handmade by a lovely husband and wife team, with the individual character of traditional craftsmanship, it screws snugly onto the included pole, which stands approximately 52” high (making them ideal to keep the squirrels out). The basin’s glazed interior will keep the water from being absorbed into the porous material. Measures 12 ¼” in diameter and stands about 1 ½” deep. While you shouldn’t leave them out in the winter, a combination of the clay and a special firing makes them resistant to cracking if you have an early frost.


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  • Terracotta Birdbath On Metal Pole


    Terracotta Birdbath On Metal Pole

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