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Two Brass Knitting Rings

Designed in-house, this will help feed a continuous length of yarn to your needles at just the right level of tension. Many knitters simply wind the yarn around their finger, feeding it out as they knit, and this brass yarn tensioner does the same job, while keeping your hands free. The solid brass coil slips over your fingertip, while two circular guides at each end allow the yarn to glide smoothly and precisely to where and when you need it. These are great for beginners and experts alike. We include them as a set of two for those instances when you are working with two different kinds of yarns, allowing you to switch easily from one to the other. Very cool looking, comfortable to wear, and highly functional, this will make a much-appreciated gift for your favorite knitter this year (hopefully they’ll thank you with a hand-knitted item!).


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  • Two Brass Knitting Rings


    Two Brass Knitting Rings

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