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Terracotta Watering Vessel Made in the UK

This beautiful little watering vessel is great for hydrating delicate plant and seed starts. It’s beautiful and highly functional. The design stretches back hundreds of years and utilizes a very simple scientific principle of a vacuum. Submerge the vessel in water until it’s full (you’ll know when the bubbles stop). Hold your thumb over the single top hole, a vacuum is formed so when you pull it out, the water is captured. When you release your thumb water flows through dozens of tiny holes in the bottom like a gentle summer shower. Comes from England’s traditional pottery-making region of Staffordshire, made by a family who have been turning out high quality terracotta items from their studio for over 30 years. The clay is fired at temperatures that render the unglazed portion not only very strong but also porous, making it ideal for gardening purposes. Use on flowers, herbs or other plants that can use a lighter touch. Beautiful green glaze on the top half. Made in the UK. Measures 5 ½” H x 4 ½” W at base.


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  • Terracotta Watering Vessel Made in the UK

    58A08.09  - Available 03/08/2023

    Terracotta Watering Vessel Made in the UK

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