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Ultimate Pruning Set

Three of our most popular tools at a huge Savings

Our Ultimate Pruning Set comes with three of our top selling pruning tools. Our Large Folding Pruning Saw, Ratcheting Hand Pruner, and our Heavy-Duty Anvil Lopper. The Large Folding Pruner is the best Japanese tooth-pattern folding work saw we have discovered. The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16" – so this is a very fast cutting tool. The rubber-covered handle is all steel. This is a beauty. Large enough for serious work but sized to fit it in a deep pocket. The Ratcheting Hand Pruner is a clever update on the classic hand pruner. It provides additional power to your grip by means of an internal ratchet. As you meet maximum resistance while exerting pressure on any difficult material, just relax your grip a bit and the ratchet resets with the jaws in place, giving you the power for an extra squeeze. And it features a nifty little oil pad that slides into the handle, allowing you to clean and oil the blade on the go. All cast aluminum, with rubber grip on the handle backing. Enclosed scissor-style finger loop provides added protection. Blade is carbon steel with non-stick coating and can be replaced easily via a bolt in the side of the handle. Maximum opening 7/8". The Arborist’s Anvil Pruning Lopper is a heavy duty ratcheting with extendable handles. These feature a specially designed ratcheting mechanism, oversized for strength. The telescoping handles are great (26 to 40" long, with 6 pin-locked position stops and rubber grips). A lifetime arborist's quality tool. Air shipping not available on the set.

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  • Ultimate Pruning Set


    Ultimate Pruning Set

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