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Versatile 9" Brace & 6 Drives Set

Carpenter’s Brace Drill Details

This is a classic 9" Carpenter's Brace. Pulling the standard four-jaw chuck off (as shown) exposes a 1/2" drive on which you can mount all standard 1/2" mechanic's socket drives. Our brace and bit set also has the added feature of being able to add six drivers, including three slotted 5/16 to 1/2" and three Phillips #2, #3, and #4 (sold separately). 

For complete versatility, you can use standard hex bits or a three-jaw auxiliary chuck to grip round shank bits best. We carry a set of 6 Heavy Duty Socket Drives you can also apply to your brace.

Individual Items

  • Versatile 9" Brace & 6 Drives Set


    Versatile 9" Brace & 6 Drives Set

    $83.80 $73.50

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