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Vintage French Pastry Knife

Flexible pastry knife

From Thiers, France, the historically renowned center of knifemaking in that country, comes a slightly different product than the beautifully made cutting knives we typically love to share with you. This is a Vintage French pastry Knife made of forged carbon that will serve you nicely when decorating cakes, cookies, or cupcakes in the kitchen. Some of us non-bakers have found it also excel when used as a handy and precise palette knife for painting portraits on a canvas (if you have the artistic inclination). Get two, and keep one knife in the kitchen and one in the studio. The black wood handle is smooth, well-shaped, and very comfortable to hold, and the slight diamond-shaped profile of the thin, flexible blade gives you a nice variety of width when applying or smoothing whatever material you happen to be working with. Dimensions: 8½” long overall, with a 4¾” blade and 3½” handle.


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  • Vintage French Palette Knife


    Vintage French Pastry Knife


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