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Vintage Schuco Micro Racer Porsche 356

This sporty little Porsche, in eye-catching black and red, is part of the beloved Schuco line of micro racers, and has the same quality features that have kept users entranced since they first appeared on the scene in the last century. Made in Hungary since the 1990’s, they maintain the same level of craftsmanship as the originals: 1:45 scale, with real rubber bumpers, a rear adjustable steering knob, a side slot for the winding key, and 2 operational settings--the first position is a standard on/off; in the second position, just place the car on the floor or other open area and give it a shove to send it off to a flying start. It’s a really stylish number, and looks great on the shelf and in action. Get ready to race these for hours. Comes with instructional pamphlet. Dimensions: 3 ¾” L x 1 ¾” W x 1 ⅜” H. Supplies are limited

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 1.75"
Overall Length 3.75"
Overall Height 1.375"
Overall Weight 0.3 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Vintage Schuco Micro Racer Porsche 356


    Vintage Schuco Micro Racer Porsche 356

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