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Water Hose Repair Kit

Fixing a broken or leaking garden hose is easier than you might think, which is why we make sure we’ve always got one of these repair kits handy—after all, there’s no sense in buying a new hose when a cheap fix will give you years of extended use. (We also love this kit as a way to customize hose lengths if you need a shorter section and don’t want a lot of slack lying around in a pile.)  This heavy-duty Repair Kit includes male- and female-end brass components and two worm-gear hose clamps to cinch up your new connection.  Simply cut away the faulty or unwanted section as needed, insert the appropriate connector snugly, and use a clamp to ensure a watertight seal.  This kit is made to repair or convert standard ¾” garden hoses.



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  • Water Hose Repair Kit


    Water Hose Repair Kit

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