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Brownstone Boys Favorites

Brownstone Boys Favorites

Garden Cultivating Tools

During the summer of 2018, two guys spent their entire summer biking around Brooklyn, searching for their dream home. When they finally found it, they spent nearly a year renovating every part of their new brownstone, from the roof to the garden, to honor its roots and bring it back to life. Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum, The Brownstone Boys, quit their jobs in software development and dedicated all their time to renovation projects. Check out some of their favorite garden cultivating tools and discover what they used to tackle all the tough tasks for their home.

Hauling & Delivery

The Brownstone Boys needed to haul a ton of soil, new plants, gravel, firewood, and so much more. A sturdy, foldable garden cart was the perfect thing to help them carry everything from their local urban garden store to their new home. With a carrying capacity of over 300 pounds and simple, compact storage capabilities, they found a lightweight solution at Garrett Wade.

Indestructible Tools

We’re already known for our heirloom-quality tools, but The Brownstone Boys confirmed it when they put our garden cultivating tools to the test. From bulb planters and shears to cast-aluminum trowel sets, every tool they bought with us lasted through their garden renovation and beyond! Find their most-used pieces when you shop here!

Before you start any new garden project, turn to Garrett Wade as your urban garden store to ensure you have exactly what you need. Follow in the footsteps of The Brownstone Brothers when you shop watering tools, pruning tools, and so much more today!

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