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How to Create the Perfect Soil | Garrett Wade |Soil Recipe

How to Create the Perfect Soil | Garrett Wade |Soil Recipe

How to Create the Perfect Soil | Garrett Wade |Soil Recipe

Starting From Seeds: Grow More Plants, Save Some Green

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Our Soil Recipe

At Garrett Wade, we can teach you how to make your own homemade planting medium. When you choose our soil recipe, you can customize your mixture for the needs of your plants and be economical with your gardening. Instead of buying a mix at the store, create your own with our help!

Starting from the Inside Out

Home gardeners can start vegetable and flower seedlings indoors from four to 12 weeks before the last average spring frost in the area, which means it’s time to start inside! We recommend you get a fine and uniform germinating mix that’s well-aerated, loose, and free of pests, diseases, and weed seeds. It should also be low in fertility and total soluble salts, yet capable of holding and moving moisture. Soil straight from your backyard just won’t do the job!

Typical backyard soil is too compacted, full of weed seeds, and isn’t pasteurized — which can cause seedling diseases and death. Native soil often doesn’t drain as well as seedling mixes either, and it can develop a crust that prevents seedlings from pushing through. Trust in our soil recipe to see your seedlings grow healthy and strong!

Soil Recipe Ingredients

Soil Mixing Tools

1/3 Pasteurized Soil or Compost

1/3 Sand, Vermiculite, or Perlite

1/3 Peat Moss

Soil Recipe Instructions

Heat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the slightly moist soil or compost in a heat-resistant container or pan.

Cover with a lid or foil and place it in the oven until the soil mixture reaches 180 degrees.

Once the soil mixture reaches 180 degrees, cook for an additional 30 minutes.

Once the soil has been properly pasteurized, mix in the other ingredients.

Begin planting your seeds.

The most important advice we can give you when creating this mix is to be careful not to overheat soil — overheating damages the soil’s structure, making it useless.

Final Tips

New Growth from Seedlings

While you might have the perfect soil after following this guide, you still have other tasks to complete before the start of sowing — cleaning your pots, trays, and flats! After washing, rinse the containers in a solution of 1:10 parts chlorine bleach to water. This will kill any remaining plant disease microorganisms that could weaken or kill your tender young seedlings.

Now you’re ready to go! Get the garden party started with this soil recipe, and make sure you have all the tools and accessories you need today!

Written by Garrett Wade

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