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​How To Repair a Garden Hose

​How To Repair a Garden Hose

​How To Repair a Garden Hose

Few things are worse than gearing up for spring gardening and finding that your hose is damaged and leaking. Our Garden Hose Repair Kit quickly and easily connects two lengths of hose, allowing you to conserve the functioning parts without tossing the whole thing in the trash. You can also use the kit to customize the length of your current hose, eliminating messy tangles and unsightly coils. It’s easy to do, following a few simple steps.

Water Hose Repair Kit

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Step 1: Trim the Hose

If you’re replacing a damaged hose, cut out the faulty section using an appropriate tool for the hose’s thickness—our Utility Knife should suffice, but you may need something stronger like our Diagonal Super Cutters. If you’re combining two lengths of hose, trim the ends to be joined to the correct length. Make sure your cuts are as close to perpendicular as possible; jagged or diagonal cuts may affect the joint’s reliability.

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Step 2: Install Connectors

Grab the two worm hose clamps (the flexible ring-style clamps) included in our Garden Hose Repair Kit and slide one over each end you’ll be connecting. Push them along the hose an inch or two; we’ll fine-tune their positioning in a minute.

Now insert the male and female brass connectors into each end of the hose and press until the hose is flush against the flared base. The fit should be nice and snug.

Step 3: Secure the Fit

Slide one of your worm hose clamps close to its respective brass connector, leaving about a ½” gap. Using a Flat-Head Screwdriver, tighten the ring until it’s secure, making sure not to over-tighten and damage either the hose or the clamp. Repeat on the other length of hose.

Step 4: Attach & Twist

Slide the included rubber gasket into place and attach the two brass connectors, twisting them with moderate hand pressure to secure your joint. Your hose is ready to go, and should be for years to come!

Written by Garrett Wade

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