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How To Repair a Garden Hose

How To Repair a Garden Hose

How To Repair a Garden Hose

Nothing is worse than gearing up for spring gardening and finding that you have a damaged hose. Our Garden Hose Repair Kit quickly and easily connects two lengths of hose together. Joining these pieces together allows you to conserve the functioning parts without throwing the whole hose out. You can also use this kit to custom extend your current hose by connecting a piece of the exact length you need or end a hose using the separate Water Stop Accessory. In this video, we show you how convenient and simple it is to repair a garden hose.

Materials and Instructions

utility knife

Utility Knife

Screwdriver set

Flat-Head Screwdrivers

Garden Hose Repair kit

Garden Hose Repair Kit

  1. If necessary, trim each piece of hose to the appropriate length
  2. Slide a hose connector ring on to the ends of the hose pieces and then insert brass connector
  3. Tighten connector ring fit with the screwdriver
  4. Attach the two pieces and twist to secure

Written by Garrett Wade

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