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2 Way Hose Connector with Shut Off

A little extra flexibility goes a long way, and this Y Hose Connector will come in handy more often than you might think, converting any outdoor faucet into two independent outlets, each with a dedicated manual shut-off and flow-control knob. UV stabilized and weatherproof, it’s made in Italy from sturdy ABS plastic that can withstand high-alkaline waters that would eat through a similar metal attachment in no time.  Connect hoses, sprinkler systems, multiple water timers, and more with convenient quick-click couplings that make swapping out attachments as simple as can be.  An easy-on swivel connector ensures a quick, complete seal with the faucet. Stands 4 ¼” proud of the wall when connected and measures 7” across.  Performs in outdoor temperatures up to 140°F and with water temperature ranging from 32°F to 120°F.

Individual Items

  • 3/4" Y Hose Connector with Shut Off


    2 Way Hose Connector with Shut Off

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