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5/8 in. Round Trim Brush

Newly Marked Down Clearance Item!

This gorgeous brush is exceptionally high-quality and will elevate your painting projects to their highest level. The angled head ensures a clean, smooth line. The stainless-steel ferrule securely attaches the bristles to the handle (meaning no more jiggly brush). They feature large capacity bristles of 100% polyester SRT for great precision and consistent paint flow. It is terrific at lifting and delivering paint.

We offer two round trim brushes--this one with ⅝” bristles and the other one with 1” bristlles-which measure 10-¾” L overall with 2-⅜” bristles. These are ideal for doors, crown molding, and other detail work. We recommend our Brush cleaning tool (35C03.23) after use to ensure long life.

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  • 5/8in. Round Trim Brush


    5/8 in. Round Trim Brush

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