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Bug baffler Insect Protective Head Net

Made in the USA

Few things can spoil quality time in the great outdoors as quickly—and as uncomfortably—as pesky biting insects. Next time you’re outside in pest territory, whether you’re gardening, boating, fishing, or just out for a peaceful stroll, leave the noxious sprays behind and try the BugBaffler. Essentially a mosquito net that covers you from the chest up, it’s an environmentally friendly way to avoid itchy bites that last for days (not to mention myriad potential insect-borne diseases). The patented design allows you to wear your favorite hat under the net, which is constructed with highly effective “no-see-um” technology for unobstructed vision in the field. Elastic under-arm straps keep everything snug and secure and keep you comfortable all day long. 100% U.S.-made, it packs up easily and saves you untold discomfort.

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    Bug baffler Insect Protective Head Net


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