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Complete Woodworker Set of Hand Tools

9-1\/2" Replaceable Ryoba Saw + Chisel Set + Set of Two Woodworking Plane and a Spokeshave

Equip your woodshop with the Complete Woodworker Set of Hand Tools – an indispensable collection for every woodworking enthusiast. Perfect for first-time woodworkers, casual enthusiasts, or experienced craftsmen looking to upgrade their tools. From making cuts to smoothing and carving, this set has you covered.

What's included:

9.5" Ryoba Saw

The versatile Japanese Ryoba Saw features teeth along both edges for precise cuts. With a 9-1/2" replaceable blade and ergonomic design, it cuts effortlessly on the pull stroke. Ideal for fine crosscuts and rip cuts.

4-Piece Chisel Set

Our exclusive set includes the most common chisel sizes (¼, ½, ¾, & 1"), featuring ash handles and tip guards for comfort and safety. Complete with a protective denim roll, this set is a must-have for chiseling tasks.

#60½ Low Angle Block Plane

With a body of cast iron, a 1/8" thick blade, and brass knobs and brass cap, this is a tool that has the heft and steadiness to allow you to do good work no matter what the direction of the grain.

#4 Smoothing Plane

The #4 Smoothing Plane will square and smooth boards during final finishing. Used for smaller areas and edges and is typically the last type of plane used prior to finishing. 

Classic Adjustable Spokeshave

The 9½" long Spokeshave is used for shaping and smoothing rounded pieces like table or chair legs or lamps. (Traditionally, a Spokeshave was used to shape wagon wheel spokes, hence the name). The carbon steel blade is 2-1/2" long. These woodworking tools make a great kit for a furniture maker, or for general shop use.

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  • Complete Woodworker Set of Hand Tools


    Complete Woodworker Set of Hand Tools

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