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Conical Shaped Flower Pot Brush


The approach of growing season means that gorgeous, colorful vegetation is just around the corner … once you empty out all those nasty, grubby, soil-caked flower pots.  It’s not a job that anyone loves, but the effort is worth it—and made all the more easy with the proper tool.  Manufactured by one of Germany’s last producers of handcrafted brushes, the Conical Flower Pot Brush quickly removes plant and root matter, and old soil, ensuring no pests or mold spores make the transition to your new growth.  The handle is turned beechwood, and the bristles are natural bassine, coarse leaf fibers from the palmyra palm tree that are ideal for getting those pots ready for their new residents.  The conical shape gets into the bottoms of your pots with minimal effort—a small design tweak that makes all the difference in the world.

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  • Conical Shaped Flower Pot Brush


    Conical Shaped Flower Pot Brush

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