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French Olivewood Cooking Utensils

Olivewood Kitchen Utensils for a Kitchen With Class

Cooks use an endless variety of implements while cooking, which is why our set of Olivewood utensils would be a great addition to the quiver of any professional or home cook. Our set comes with a Spatula, Mixer, and a Stirring Spoon made of exotic Olivewood. All have beautiful swirling grain patterns and are far more aesthetically pleasing than plastic utensils. If you’re a fan of this look like we are, check out our olivewood kitchen knife set.

Both the Spatula as well as the Mixer/Scraper are 11-½” long with a 2-¼” wide head. While the stirring spoon is 11-½” long with a 2-½” wide head. All three Olivewood cooking utensils work well with non-stick pans or pans with fragile coatings, where you can’t use metal. Perfect for use on your spun iron cooking pans or baking bread loaf pans.

Made in France. Do not use a dishwasher; hand wash and dry these Olivewood kitchen utensils only.

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  • French Olivewood Cooking Utensils


    French Olivewood Cooking Utensils

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